Turn Pi-Top 4 into a Portable Learning Management System (LMS)

PiTop [4] DIY was turned into a Portable LMS through the installation of Moodle. The system works fine for hours on the battery and can support up to 30 users. This is a good scenario for educators and private tutors willing to use LMS is remote areas.

Spicy Moodlebox

In this video the performance of Moodle was compared on two different Operating Systems. Moodlebox was used first which runs Pi OS 32-bit then Moodle was installed on a 64-bit Ubuntu with an SSD. For readers interested with this topic, this book below provides an insight on how to build a portable LMS with PiTop [4] and how to host your Moodle or any website from your Home network to the internet.

Portable & Home hosted Learning Management Systems

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This is really cool, has it being used in real-world applications yet? Would be great to see some examples