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pi-top [4]

Power armour for your Raspberry Pi

pi-top [3]

Here’s the pi-top [3] topic section. This is the place to discuss all your pi-top[3] maker projects as well as any queries you have about the hardware. We hope you’ll explore the new resources we’re putting out and come back often to find and share projects, inspiration and resources.

pi-top Software

Welcome to the pi-top Software Category!

3D Printing

It’s now been over 6 years since our debut on Indiegogo using 3D printing to improve the Raspberry Pi. Despite our products now being produced with more reliable moulded plastics and machined metals, our love for 3D printing is as strong as ever! In every location where we have hardware developers, you can be sure to find a 3D printer!


By popular demand, this is the pi-top projects section! If you have any pet projects using pi-tops, Raspberry Pis or any other piece of hardware, then this is the area to showcase your work and get information from the rest of us!

pi-top [1] + pi-topCEED

This is the place to talk about the pi-top1 and the pi-topCEED. These two computers share a lot of similarities so we decided to compound the two to make it less confusing. The obvious differences between the two is that the pi-top1 has a battery and a keyboard/trackpad. The rest of the hardware is the same.

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