pi-top Accessories

pi-topPULSE This is the place to discuss all things pi-topPULSE. The pi-topPULSE is an official HAT and it can use Amazon Alexa as well! pi-topPROTO The pi-topPROTO was our very first add-on we developed. Like most of our other Add-Ons, it connects into the 34pin Modular Rail and allows other Add-Ons to connect to it. There’s no electronics on it, it acts just like proto board, but components can be directly soldered to the GPIOs. pi-topPROTO+ The PROTO+ is part of our Inventor’s Kit. It has a 6-Channel ADC that can read up to 5 Volts on each channel. The channels are connected to our MCU with decoupling capacitors to GND as well as 470 kOhm to GND as well. pi-topSPEAKER This is the space to talk about the pi-topSPEAKER. Technically this is the second iteration of the pi-topSpeaker so sometimes call it the pi-topSPEAKER_V2.
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