1st Boot up issue with screen connection

:slight_smile: Ok I was able to open the BOOT folder on my MacBook, I did the config.exe edit and now when the pi-top is booting there is a glance of a mouse cursor on the screen and then the same thing on the OLED!!! I take a factory Config.TXT from Raspbian OS and did marge the best of the two config files. The only two things missing on my pi-top now is the case OLED splash sound when booting is not there, not a big thing but is part of the show, and the other thing is that the OLED display is getting frozen after boot finish. I am able to use the OLED display (Batt, CPU, Wifi, Lan) but it will get frozen. If I don’t browse the options it will get frozen on the BATT %. The system is making updates now, let me wait for it to finish and I will comment if that fix the problem. Thanks for all the support.

@Jaybepr Nice computer setup! Very jealous

With regards to the boot-up sound, that only happens on first boot of the SD card - once onboarding is completed it doesn’t make the boot-up sound anymore