4WD Drive Controller - AtrributeError help!

Hello, I’m working with a pi-top robotics kit and am currently trying to use this 4WD drive controller for my robot. Unfortunately, after a lot of debugging, I continue to get an error "AttributeError: type object ‘DriveController4WD’ has no attribute ‘max_wheel_speed’

I am just doing a simple two line script to import the library then attempt to make the robot drive forward. Have I done something wrong?

Hi EriKana,

Can you post the code you are using to access this class?
The class from first glance does not appear to have a property that is callable, rather it is just instantiating a variable that can be called later within that class. If you wish to call a term like this, create a property which returns it within the class:

def max_speed(self):
return self.max_wheel_speed

I hope that helps. Otherwise, post up the code and we can get a better look.