64-bit pi-topOS and packages

Hey all! :wave:

We have some great news for you…

:gear: pi-topOS 64-bit

We have just released a 64-bit version of pi-topOS; you can read a bit about it and get the download link in this Knowledge Base article. As the article states, this is still an experimental release; you might find some issues here and there which we’d love to hear about.

:computer: Support for Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit

If you’re interested in using pi-top Hardware with Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit, all the packages you need are available in our apt repositories.

Please visit this article to learn how to install our repository in your device and what to do to get it running.

Thank you very much for the 64-bit update. This has worked perfectly for me. I just checked, apparently all Pi 3B models will run in 64-bit mode. The Pi 2B V1.2 (probably the final model) will run in 64-bit as well, but if you think the Pi 3B is too slow, I wouldn’t go there. I’m excited for when I can get a CM4 and use the Waveshare carrier/adapter to get it into Pi 3B form factor to put into some of my Pi-Top [3]s.

The next time I install on 64-bit Pi OS, I’ll dump the messages to a file and look through it. Some of them were pretty scary, and it made me think some things wouldn’t work. I have had no problem, though. The ugly messages might be from dependencies and not something that’s fixable. I’ll look when I have data.