A Lovely terminal on Raspberry Pi

This just looks cool as hell

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Yes it does, I downloaded and installed on my Win 10 PC and it opened PowerShell. Too bad it isn’t in color. Will try to install on my P-400 later today.
Thanks for posting.

So many projects - So little time!

That is very cool. I found the easiest way to install edex-ui on my pi400 is using PiApps (https://github.com/Botspot/pi-apps)

@CAProjects What do you think of PiApps? (I appreciate your expertise when it comes to security of software.) Thank you.

I use piapps, same with commander pi and pikiss

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Every time your guys mention additional software / apps that you have installed or talk about, the first thing I do is start VNC and connect to 1 of the 3 Pi 4B’s that are powered on 24/7 in the back of my computer room. I follow your instruction and install what you are referencing, rarely do I experience any problems.

PiApps and Command Pi are very nice. Use PiApps to install e-DEX-UI. Haven’t tried PiKiss yet,

Thank you

So many projects… So little time

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