Android Auto Wireless on RPI4

Hi All,

Wanted to share a quick video with AA wireless in action. Works flawlessly on the pi-top 4 as well. Excuse the camera shake, need some practice :joy:


Nice! I just subscribed to your YouTube channel :grin:

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Now I wish we can get CarPlay working but have not seen any work done on that. I know it’s possible to have CarPlay on a Linux device because Mazda uses Linux for their stereo system

Thanks Ryan, still need to figure out a setup for video as doing this handheld is not very pleasing visually, I’m shaking like an old manπŸ˜‚

@CAProjects: This works with Apple Carplay, but unfortunately requires additional gear/adapter to work wirelessly. With Android, there is no need for cables or adapters.

You can go down the route of a USB dongle which is the old way of doing it, there is a software solution but need to me a manufacturer to get access to the docs SDK and API and put an application into apple