Announcing our new Thingiverse page for 3D parts!

Hey folks! As many of you know, our staff are really into 3D printing, and today we’re excited to announce that we’ve (finally) created a Thingiverse page to share our various 3D printable designs.

To begin with, it contains 3D print (.STL) files for a couple of types of mechanical docking plate, and models of each of the main metal build plates used in our new Robotics Kit. In their current state, the docking plates are great for mounting the pi-top onto walls or into Lego projects, and the metal build plates are useful for extended your existing Robotics Kit creations.

We’d love to see our community do even more with them! We’ve shared the original 3D CAD files in either STEP format (for metal plates) or as a Sketchup file (mechanical docking plates) on the Thingiverse page, but let us know what file formats work best for you and we’ll post them for you to play with.

Finally, please let us know what sort of things you’d like to see us add to the collection. We have lots of ideas and will be adding stuff gradually, but your feedback is hugely valuable.

Happy tinkering!