Anyone build a Pi-top drone?

A while ago one of the pi-top staff posted a list of parts needed to build a drone, did any of you build one?

I believe I asked this question on March 2021 and @duwudi answered. I looked into it but never started trying to build one.: I included the conversation below.

" Hi @dgaultie and @Korbendallaz I really don’t have that much available but I can share what I did do for it.

I used this website for specifying the drive system which was super helpful as my original design had no chance of flying! Using this however, the first one I made flew first time :slight_smile:

Here is a very rough BOM list, bear in mind I was building this in Shenzhen so all these links are from a Chinese website (and may be out of date by now) but you should be able to find new parts or the same ones elsewhere.

Here is a step file of the assembly . However, this was designed for the 3B+ version of pi-top [4] in early 2019 so the new pi-top [4] won’t fit it - it can be modified using the data from plates we have on Thingiverse .

The purpose of the pogo pins was to connect the Raspberry Pi to the flight controller over UART to do high-level mission planning and guidance (using a camera for example) - I did have some software for this at the time but can no longer find it.

Good luck! :+1:"

Yeah that was the forum post I was referring to.

Did anyone take that info and actually build one?

Anyone have contacts in shenzen that can get the parts super cheap (relative to buying in North America I mean)?

I would be interested in participating in a group buy to get the parts if others were I also interested.