Basic Pi-Top[4] 3D model

I am wondering if you guys have a basic 3D model of the pi-top[4], foundation plate and robotics expansion plate, motors etc? preferrably in .obj of even .blend project would be even better :slight_smile:

I have been getting back into blender recently and would like to design some stuff, if no do you have some detailed measurement designs of these so i can 3D model it all myself? I could sit down with the pi-top[4] and components with Vernier Callipers but would be nice for something already made.

The reason for this is so that i can model a couple things before fabricating so i can get the correct measurements etc and can easily make changes before spending money on materials :slight_smile: and also do some really nice renders of them.

An example of what i can do in Blender with 3D and rendering. here is a project i done with a Mazda community, where i used photogrammetry techniques by taking hundreds of photos of a member’s car to create a 3D model and then do a lot of work to tidy things up then apply realistic materials using physucally based rendering and lighting. I also created it to an exact scale so the community can use it to design parts for themselves which I know a guy used it to create the bodykit for this rally cross Mazda 6 MPS

Think it would be really cool to do 3D models with the pi-top[4] and put them in environments that you would never imagine :slight_smile: I could use photogrammetry for the pi-top 4 but its a long process and is alot of work to tidy it up and make it look really good