Battery bank solutions

I’m looking to extend battery life by adding more battery to connect to the USB-C on the expansion plate, is there any recommended type of battery bank that would be good? Would an 18w PD battery bank be sufficient?

Wonder if an “XL” battery pack would be a good idea to have for the robotics kit

I’ve used an 18-watt one before and it works fine! We’ve discussed making a battery pack before, but there are so many on the market it’d probably be best to just have some 3D printable mounts available for the best ones :+1:

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Good idea, I have a new 3D Printer. Just what I need more projects.:cowboy_hat_face:

i am using RAVPower PD Pioneer 20000mAh 60W 2 ports Power Bank (Model RP-PD201) and it’s working pretty well, just under 2hours from 11% to 99% … :hugs:.

I actually ordered that exact one last night

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