Battery charges really slow 1% per day

I bought the Pi-top [4] and the Raspberry Pi 4 around two months ago, and back then it charged fast enough.

But now, it charges really slow, app 1% of the battery every day. I have the official Pi-top [4] charger.

I keep updating the the software hoping that a firmware update will fix this.

What can I do?

Now the battery level reached 23% and it doesn’t go above that :S

Not sure what to do.

Hi @troncador.
Are you using the Raspberry Pi Charging cable or the pi-top Charger? The Raspberry Pi Charger isn’t powerful enough so won’t be able to charge the pi-top. You can see the full information on the Knowledge base article here.
Let us know if it’s a different problem though

Yes, it is the Pi-top Charger.
And as you can see it only reaches 24% .