Battery Issue on pi-top [3] V2

I recently procured a pi-top [3] (version 2) via eBay. It came assembled and with a Pi and inventor’s kit already installed.

Everything works as expected except the pi-top will not run on battery power. As soon as I unplug the unit, it shuts off. The battery does show up in the OS panel as being fully charged and connected to external power.

When I run the pt-battery command:

> pi@pi-top:~ $ pt-battery
> Charging State: 2
> Capacity: 100
> Time Remaining: 0
> Wattage: 0

There is a green light on the Hub PCB, and a green light on the back panel of the case near the connectors. The security seals on the ribbon cables appear to be in tact.

Ideas? Do I need to replace the battery? Is it possible?

(Note: I also contacted support, but haven’t heard back yet. Thought I’d check with the forum community too)

Update: I was able to re-seat the battery connector/ribbon cable, but I’m still having the same issue.

For those looking to do the same, this YouTube video was helpful.

Update: Support thinks the battery needs to be replaced, and I’m in the process of getting a new battery from them.

I’ll install it, check it out, and update this thread.

I had the same issue.
Recently my battery stop working at all. I could use laptop only with power supplier. But its already two years pass. something wrong in charger module I guess

RESOLVED: I replaced the battery in my pi-top and it works like new. Many thanks to support for helping me get a replacement battery!

@pi-top: I can’t say for sure, but my guess is that the cells in the battery gave out over time. The charging module (on the Hub PCB) is probably OK. When running the laptop on wall power, does the battery show as charging?

You might send an email to pi-top support. They can give you more info on getting a replacement battery.

I have the same issure.
I have purchased pi-top [3] v2 kit from RS components Japan this week, and have built it by myself.
If that problem is caused by the battery mulfunction, should I contact to my reseller, RS components Japan, and ask to change the battery?