Battery replacement Help needed

Hi I have pi top 3 and battery is dead. Contacted support who were extremely nice and said they would send me one out. Still no sign, so emailed several more times and again was promised it’ll get sent out. This has been from April, I initially contacted them to get a link to BUY a new battery but this is not an option. I have tried again for the LAST time then I’ll have to Frankenstein one.

So I’m on here to ask if anyone can help with the connections type for pi top to connect battery and existing connections together. And I’ll just do it this way. Use this everyday till it stopped, really would like to get up and running.

It’s sad that you can’t get any help to repair once it’s broke. I may have to go find a repairable laptop to replace, Any ideas.

I experienced the same issue and was advised, by the same friendly staff who said my battery was still covered by warranty and to expect a replacement in the post. This happened two years ago, and last December. Suffice to say nothing showed up.

Don’t raise your hopes.

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Just got email today to say they’ve discontinued and got rid of all laptop parts back in January. Looks like it’s a hackintosh the battery now. I was trying to avoid as would’ve preferred plug and play battery.

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