Bluetooth on the pi-top Ceed with new sirus OS

Can anyone offer some advise n getting a bluetooth keyboard working on pi-top ceed. I have a bluetooth dongle inserted into USB

ok I seem to have got it working.

@DaveHarrison how did you get it working?

I had to reinstall the OS, because an update failed (8GB SD card was too small). When I reinstalled back onto 8gb but did no updates the BT just worked! I’m used to this sort of random inconsistency having owned the pi-top Ceed since it was launched. I haven’t turned it on for nearly 2 years as I just got fed up, but my interest has been reawakened by new OS and the fact that my daughters are now of age to get into minecraft and programming etc. Hopefully my journey will be less stressful this time. On a side note my Pi-top speaker that I bought a few years back and never got to work, suddenly works as well so thats a bonus!

Hello Dave Harrison, I recently bought from (eBay) a pi-top Ceed with speakers for my grandson. I would like to get him into coding. The previous owner flashed a new 8GB card prior to posting the Ceed out to me. Sadly a disaster trying to get it going and I did ask for help. I decided to buy a 16GB card from Pi-top and hoped for the best. Good news is the Ceed now works BUT the speakers do not. Any hints, tips, suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Do you have one or two speakers fitted? What model Raspi are you using? Are your daughters enjoying coding? Regards William McCarthy.

Hi William, you can try to * Run the following commands in the terminal (with an internet connection):
sudo apt update
sudo apt install pt-speaker

Good evening and thanks for your help Luke. I followed your instructions and got the message below.
pt speaker is already the newest version1.1.5-1
pt speaker set to manually installed.
I pottered about some more and got another message.

Now I am totally baffled. Does anyone out there have a working pi-top Ceed please?
Regards, William.