Camera(s) used with the Pi-Top [4]

What type of camera can be used with the Pi-Top [4]? Will it be a Pi style camera using the ribbon cable or a USB camera like what the CrowPi uses? I know I will be receiving one when the MMK is releasesd, just not sure of the type it will be.

With MMK, it’ll be a USB cam with a magnetic mount just like other pi-top sensor modules.

However, the Raspberry Pi CSI interface is also available on the Expansion Plate if you want to use it :+1:

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How do I connect a pi camera ribbon cable? I can see that there is a place to feed the cable though the case but do not know where to connect it. The location and orientation please.

Hi @Langlais, you need to open the case up as we are connecting to the RPI CSI port internally to break it out onto pi-top’s modular docking connector.

If you watch our pi-top [4] DIY Edition assembly instructions it should be pretty clear how to get inside and swap the cable out for your own - which you can then feed through the slot you mentioned. You shouldn’t need to disassemble the whole thing, just enough so that you can use some tweezers to lift the catch on the CSI connector and take the cable out. Alternatively, you can use an Expansion Plate, which has the CSI port broken out for convenience - the only downside is that it won’t be available to purchase until January.

Let me know how it goes :+1:

In which way can the csi cable of the camera mounted at the expansion plate?