Can't see gpio state change on button press

I just bought a pi-top [4], and managed to install everything needed on my Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (Raspberry Pi OS). I can use the miniscreen service, write on the oled screen with the pi-top oled display command, and run included test programs (like pong).

However, I can’t manage to detect when a button is pressed using GPIO pins (5, 6, 12 and 13 according to ), and I don’t want to use Python if it’s not mandatory, because I use Go for my project, and I would like to have only 1 language involved.

I used raspi-gpio and gpio commands to monitor all gpio pins, and pressed the buttons, but nothing happened.

Do you have an idea on what’s going on there (additional configuration needed, etc) ? Once again, I don’t mind using a python code to detect button presses and communicate with my Go project, but I’d rather not.

Thank you !