Changing WIFI network

Hi there, after testing the pi-top at home, I’m now ready to get them in the classroom but need to change the wifi network. The support page just shows Topic Coming Soon. How does one do that?

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@brian - First, welcome to the pi-top forum.

What pi-top and what is the OS?
Are you using the pi-topOS?

In each OS, there’s a few methods to changing the WiFi network. You will just need to provide more information in regard to the OS and what pi-top you are using.

Thank you.

Thanks @Top-B. I’m using the Pi-Top 4 Robot kit with it’s default OS as all I’ve done is unboxed it and updated the OS to current build. I’m connecting with Windows 11 and things like VNC aren’t working from the new network.

Ensure you have all of the devices connected on the same network. Due to school Wifi restrictions, it might be better to set up a separate server for their use which is free from any restrictions. We have done this and it works pretty well. The IT team can turn it on and off so it is only available during set times, and with a limited range to avoid abuse.
You will need to also update frequently, and download open source software. Most schools may take ages to release these and it becomes a very frustrating process. The aforementioned solution is the best way to do this as well.

Thanks @DrC but how do you swap out networks change networks? The minute I unplug from home where I set it up originally I can’t connect to change the network anymore locally.

The Pis only connect to the specific Pi network. The pupils then join that network via their own wireless devices. After they are done, they rejoin the main school network.

Your if IP addresses are always changing, that may be the issue. Remember to configure that each time you use VNC (right click and select properties). The OLED screen on the pi-top should give you that information.

Brian (off topic)Where are you located I want to donate all my Pi related things to a school but don’t want expensive shipping text me

Oh that’s awesome of you to do that for someone! I’m in Jacksonville, FL area.