CM4 ordered - possible projects in the works

I have finally been able to order a Compute Module 4 - 8GB memory, 32GB MMC and WiFi :slight_smile: and it will be delivered on Saturday. I also have an IO carrier board too and have an idea for the board.

I am going to do a little Frankensteining connecting it up to the pi-top[4] just for fun so will look fuggly if it works.

Another thing I would like to look at is make/design a carrier board that mimics the RPi 4 and have all the same IO as the RPi to be able to plop it directly in the pi-top[4] which I foresee a couple issues already with cooling and DSI and CSI connections mainly due to the CM4 design itself.

It’s going to be different working with a CM4 but will also be fun too

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Nice, we’ve always wanted to do something with the CM but never had any ideas worth pursuing - looking forward to seeing what you do with it!