Code and instructions on completely obsolete or wrong

Hi there,

I am a bit puzzled and need to identify if i am the only one and what is the right approach to get.
I have a PI-TOP 3, i bought from Farnel to setup projects and learn with my boy. Product is amazing.
I am using bulleyes out of the box. Now my son asked to get sounds and i bought a pi-Top speaker.
How to say that it does not work. So digging in, i am trying to get it fixed. the problem i have is that any time referring to the main site i have errors, issues and this loops.

Try to run this:
echo “deb sirius main contrib non-free” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pi-top.list &> /dev/null
curl | sudo apt-key add

the outcome is apt-key deprecated, unsign pgp and many more.

almost all i have retrieved were similar. this made me thinking this pi-top is completely obsolete, not maintained anymore. Is that what happens?
How did you guys, get sorted out?

Have you tried PiTopOS , I normally get better results with it than Raspbian

Yes I am using indeed PiTopOs.
A PI 3B is inserted in the laptop. Where comes the issue is that it seems the hub has difficulties with the I2C. I cannot get the PI-Topspeaker V2 working at all. Also when turning comporter of I can see the PI Led is still Lightning. The battery icon also disappears. Looks like not stable. I am using the latest PI-Top os. Perhaps I have missed something? After flashing the card, I inserted it and did the update. After reboot systems seems ok but this is what I noticed. I spent hours trying to get the pi-topspeaker working with no success.instructions on the KB do not work. Unfortunately.

It sounds as though the Raspberry Pi is having trouble communicating with the Hub through I2C. Could you check the Cooling Bridge is sitting correctly on the Raspberry Pi and on the hub?

You can also remove the cooling bridge, flip it over and check if the pins or connectors are damaged at all.

Let us know what you find

Hello, thank you for your reply.
I did what you mentioned. The pin are perfects and well inserted. I did flash again the card with pi-top software. However I can see things not working properly. Sounds is still ko. I noticed also that when swith off the laptop via the os, in fact the card remains on, screen is black but still on, led on card show it has not stopped. The only way is to keep pressing the button on the computer to properly shutdown. This is weird. Are you aware on these issues? Thank you.