Connectivity issues

Trying to get my pi-top [4] DIY working and I’m having issues connecting to it. Here is what I have:

  • Freshly installed pi in pi-top
  • Fresh OS image on new SD card
  • pi-top display cable connected via USB A cable to iPad
  • pi-top boots, displays IP, user and pass on embedded screen
  • IPad has IP on correct subnet
  • VNC times out, SSH gets connection refused

What am I missing here?

Hello @philskents – first, welcome to the forum.

What iPad are you using?
Between the pi-top display cable and the iPad, is there another adapter?
If so, what is the model of that adapter?

Have you tried using VNC wirelessly via the IP address of the pi-top[4] from the iPad?

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Just wanting to second Tom’s questions. It is likely that there is an issue somewhere between the pi-top and the iPad.

You might try connecting it to another device, if possible, or even hooking it up to a monitor or TV. If you have a keyboard/mouse that you can connect to the pi-top, this setup would get you all the way through the onboarding.

Even if youdon’t have a keyboard and mouse you want to hook up, using a monitor/tv would at least let you confirm that it is booting up properly and taking you to the onboarding screen. At that point, it is just a matter of figuring out what the issue is with the connection to the iPad, or finding another way to get through the setup so that you can (eventually) connect to the iPad wirelessly.

Here’s a photo of my set up with my iPad Air 2 connected to a pi-top[4].
The Apple to USB adapter is from Amazon (link below).

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So following up here on my resolution just in case anyone else stumbles across this thread:

  • Mocha VNC Lite on my iPad just didn’t work, VNC viewer allowed me to connect just fine with no cabling changes
  • SSH just does not work until you do the setup wizard over SSH

Thanks for all the replies