Display Bridge Prototype

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the support and interest in getting the display bridge going. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve really updated everyone on it so here goes.

Currently, I’m on the second iteration for a prototype. I’m waiting for that to show up in the mail. When I’ve got that and completed testing, I’ll run another update with you guys! Hopefully I’ll get to share some info with you all this Friday about how things are going and if the next prototype gets here before then, I’m hoping to be able to show you guys!

Fingers crossed I got it right haha

Here are some images. :wink:


Just so everyone is aware, I’ve had to put this project on hold. But don’t worry! My last iteration is working… Kind of. I get the rainbow boot image but nothing else yet. Im having the same issues with my display cable right now.

Reason for the hold up is for family reasons. But hopefully they clear up. When it rains, it pours. But there is always a rainbow to look forward to after the storm :slight_smile:

Reserved for future prototype updates. Gotta make this a bit different

Making this one reserved for future updates too

Nice! You’ll want to get that made in matte black with gold plating next time :wink: :heart_eyes:


For a 4 layer board, it adds like 30 bucks for both of those options :frowning: BUT! I have plans to 3d print a cover for it and sell it with the production model :slight_smile:

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WHAT!? No way, even for just making it matte black? Or is that just for the gold plating?

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For both. Because there aren’t very many people who choose other colors for 4 layer boards of that color is what it says. That’s like 16 more dollars and then the gold plating is 12 or 13 dollars I think

Looking good there @Supernovali

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Does having a preferred color make it operate any faster or better - let’s be like Henry Ford in the early years “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.”

Ya’ll have a good day!:grinning:


Haha. Naw, but it would look a lot better haha I do like the matte black with gold plating. Mm-mmmh :wink:

Could always shop around for cheaper prices

I did, there isn’t anything cheaper for the same colors and gold plating without buying in some significant bulk. 1000+ boards. After that, there are a few that are cheaper.

This is looking great!
If you have access to a maker shop, you could make a vacuum mold for it from your 3d printed case, then just encapsulate the pcb in epoxy, which can be any color you want. :wink:

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That would be a great idea! Unfortunately, I wouldn’t have the time or resources to setup this scale of manufacturing. 3d printing would be the fastest solution as I can print while waiting on the concurrent batches of the board to process and ship before assembly :slight_smile:

Added update on progress :slight_smile:

Hey @Supernovali,

Just checking in - have you found more time for your display bridge? I am reduced to “waiting” I think (beyond my skills).


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Hey, sorry for the slow response. Unfortunately, I’m overrun with school and family at the moment. Also, a supplier that I have for the USB connectors has run low on supply at the moment making further development of the display bridge impossible with it’s current design. I’ll either have to start over with a different design or wait until the supplier has more stock. My last order for 50 units was ordered back in April and has yet to be filled. :confused: