Display, buttons, etc for 64 bit arm?

Is there planned support for arm64 for the pt-* .debs? looking through the pitop image, it seems like most all of these are python scripts and systemd service installers.


Offering official 64 bit packages in our repository is not a priority focus for us right now, as we are hard at work preparing for the launch of our Robotics Kit.

A major part of this effort has been (and continues to be) preparing an open source SDK repository for the bulk of user functionality, which has arm64 deb builds in the GitHub actions. The repo is here: https://github.com/pi-top/pi-top-Python-SDK

To see what is still needing to be done, please take a look at the Issues - it’s mainly documentation and Wiki at this time. However, you can at least see how the packaging is being done.

Please note that the packages produced in that repository are not yet compatible with the other packages on the OS, which themselves do not yet have arm64 package builds.

This is something that will likely come in the coming months as we prepare for Debian Bullseye.

Hope that answers your question!