Display extension cable, plus spare adapters

Hi all. What if I had to extend the FHD adapter (short) display cable? A standard usb c female - male cable would work?
My adapter would be inside a box, connected to devices with short cables. So… the easy way to reach the display wherever it is, would be to extend the adapter cable.
An other question: how to buy additional adapters? (There may be cases where you want to move the display among different installations, without reconnect all the adapter cables).

Hi @davethewizard. Welcome to the Forum.

As in this adaptor? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you, unfortunately, aren’t able to extend the FHD adaptor when connecting it to your FHD Touchscreen.

We also can’t sell individual adaptors as they are bundled together with FHD touchscreens. We can only offer them for replacements for warranty. Apologies for the inconvenience.