Fan terminals are broken

I had recently bought a pi top 4 to use with my raspberry pi 4 (8gb model) but when I was removing the fan connector I pulled out the red and black wires connecting it. So that means I have to buy new terminals (crimp connectors) but do not know the proper size. Could someone point me in the correct direction? Photos below!

I’ve fixed the problem. I had to make makeshift terminals as I could not find the correct ones online.

@Rarplaysmc glad you got it fixed! Sorry for not responding initially, I had started the process of digging around for the part number and will let you know when I have something that can be purchased in the west :+1:

It’s all good. I had thought you were open on the weekends and had become impatient, so I’d made some makeshift ones but they work as intended. Now I’m looking into what I can do os wise with the pi-top. There’s a lot of good guides on here.

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