FHD Touch Display and Display Cable Issues

Hi @hogank, no worries thanks for the update. Did you buy directly from us or through a reseller? Just want to make sure I can get your units back for testing :+1:

They were ordered through Amazon, so reseller I believe unless you stock them directly for Amazon to fulfill. The display cable and its two adapters came in a bag so a bit tough to identify if they were brand new or a previous defective return, but they looked new. The display, keyboard, and pi-top DIY case were all definitely brand new and never opened or returned prior to me, in my opinion.

Sounds like you bought it used. My pi-top came in a box from Amazon. I’ve bought used as well and it also came in a bag.

Sounds like it was a previous return and went though Amazon’s warehouse deals dept. Something I know all to well about as I work in Amazon in customer returns till I can get back to my normal work.

@duwudi getting that exact suit back from Amazon for testing will be a little difficult, they will more likely turn it on to check it’s working and put it up for resale again

Yeah it’s quite difficult dealing with Amazon returns, hopefully they’ll send it back to us but identifying it as this unit would be pretty tricky…

I should have also specified, everything was ordered completely brand new in the standard default way and “Sold by” and “Shipped by” Amazon themselves. These weren’t deals or from alternate sellers in “like new” condition etc. I just mentioned the condition because I know for a fact Amazon will sell returned items as if they were brand new without marking them as used and/or returns (evidenced by finding damaged/open boxes and even damaged/open items buried inside product packaging that I’ve received in the past). I really dislike that Amazon does this but it somewhat makes sense. For example the pi-top protective case was just one of these items. When I ordered it (again brand new from Amazon themselves… not sales or deals or whatnot) it came in a box that was cut apart and open (previous return unless a warehouse employee was curious) and although the protective case was in perfect condition it definitely appeared to be a return that was being sold as brand new. So I just wanted to give you a heads up on the package (display cable in a ziploc type bag) that was most likely to be a previous return and/or defective (without my knowing it) in case my returns are hard to track down (which I did list as defective on the return… so hopefully they don’t just resell/restock as brand new and someone else inherits the issues). The display, keyboard, and pi-top DIY were all pristine when they arrived - with no cut stickers, tape, or signs that the boxes/packaging/wrap were ever opened previously inside or out.

Thanks for the extra info @hogank, much appreciated! Hope to see back with a pi-top at some point in the future! :slightly_smiling_face:


Did anything come of this? I’ve literally just picked one up from Farnell UK and the display goes off after the boot logo. Im using a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Kano Os. I’m also wondering if it’s an EDID issue.

I have resolved this. There was something clearly not right in the default Kano OS config.txt as I decided to put raspbian on a different SD card and copy the config.txt over to the kano SD and the screen works perfectly now. Kano OS has developed a bug but minor. I will resolve this by comparing the new and old configs and post a response in case anyone else runs into a similar issue