Great idea. The Pi 3-based product sale is a win/win

I must have several pi-tops of one flavor or another, but I ordered a couple of $45.00 Pi-Top [3]s because it’s such a good value. I have the 3Bs for them.

This is a nice thing to do for the community and it’s income to support your projects.

I posted about this sale at the Pi Foundation forums, and on Facebook. Off to Twitter, now.

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Where is the link to the mentioned sale?

Hey, sorry, I assumed all the members here would have received the email.


Evidently there are no more Pi-Top(3)'s available when I click on your link all I get is Pi-3B’s and bulk purchase of same. No Pi-Top (3)'s listed. I’ve got 9-3B’s. Oh well, maybe they’ll have another sale that will have them. I received the sale email, but being a day late or a dollar short has been my motto lately.