Help with pi-top1 + orange pi 5 hdmi/display not working

hi, I have just bought a pi-top1 and thought it was just a simple Moular laptop project, but it since to be something built with enough functions to work with the rbp.
So I have a orange pi 5 because I was thinking it for multimedia and desktop use and for that use the rbp is sort of useless
My problem is that if I connect the original cable to the hub, I get no video signal, with my longer generic cable works but makes a blink every while, with an anker usb hub work well but it is too big to put it inside the case
I also bought another slim usb hub with hdmi but it doesn’t work, I search the specs, and its only 30hz, could that be the reason?

Does someone knows what is the problem with the hub with the hdmi signal? is there some settings that fix it? some slim usb to hdmi adapter or hub?

It also doesn’t work connected to a pc, so can not be eventually used as a display, the hab is really crap, unflexible

what a disappointing product, expected it to have multiple uses, and it is practically unusable, really only if you have the patience to develop or test something that no one never is gonna use

i must tu ask, what is the point of this product? it has a keyboard that is so bad that doesn’t detect key preset all the time, the touchpad is laggy, so bad that you have to move it slowly to be accurate.
So you can not use it to write tech, also no if you are not extremly patient, you can use it outside of the few compatible hardware preseleted, because odo it hava hdmi, it is so restrict or underdeveloped that it will wont work even with the most estandart device

A very importad feature bug that it also has is that if you are low in battery and dare to connect a power cource, it will reset the power so the if you have the pc on, it will also reset, nice!