How to change display on Pi Top 4?

Hello, I would like to add another option onto the menu of the mini screen display. This option would would be a folder in which code files will be stored and deployed off of from there. I essentially want to be able to customize what I see on the miniscreen menu from bootup and add folders if I want.

I’ve looked over the sdk documentation and there doesn’t seem to be a clear way to do this thru that. Also was confused on how you would go about using the sdk to make permanent changes to the pitop. For example, I can get the screen to print hello world but thats only when i actually run the program thru the sdk. How would I make that a permanent change wherein it would just be the default state of the screen?

The only other way I see of doing this is downloading the pi top os source code and manipulate the display code from there and then redeploy the os, with the new changes. This brings up another issue though. How do I test the code before redeploying it to make sure it works and functions how I want it to? Any thoughts on this are appreciated. I am just gettinf started with with raspberry pi and have around 6 months of coding experience so I am sure im missing things here. Any thoughts are welcome, thanks.