How to stop pi-top [3} screen from turning off?

Hi, I’ve got a pi-top [3] and the LCD keeps powering off. I’ve been trying to keep it on, but no matter what I do, the physical screen seems to power off. What command am I missing? I don’t have this issue on other pi’s I have connected to external monitors through HDMI, just the pi-top [3] built in laptop screen.

I’m thinking there’s a different command, because I can VNC into it, leave my session running and I see that my VNC screen hasn’t "blanked’, but the LCD on the pi-top [3] is off. Once I touch something, the physical LCD powers back on.

hi rsun,
do you know the following command?
/usr/bin/pi-top display blank_time

The default for blank_time is 300 (5 minutes).
Try to set the following:
/usr/bin/pi-top display blank_time 0

This should disable the screen from going blank.

I would also try to disable screen blanking in the raspberry pi settings.

The command “/usr/bin/pi-top display blank_time 0” did the trick. Thanks so much for your response!

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