How to use Pi-Top 4 for motor drive control

I’m to use the pi-top 4 for controlling 2 motors using 2 bld300b motor driver.
I’m relatively new to this so can someone please tell me how to go about with it.

The BLD-300B BLDC motor drive consists of a high performance and cost-effective 3 phase BLDC motor drive, that provides power output of max 300VA. To get more information regarding motor drive, you can also visit reliance electric motor.

I am guessing its one of these?

if so, maybe this diagram can help and maybe utilize PWM control for the speed


Along with these functions, all pins are capable of software PWM while GPIO12, GPIO13, GPIO18, GPIO19 are capable of hardware pulse-width modulation.

personally i am not clued up on the hardware, but if you look around for hardware diagrams using it, i am sure you can use them and configure it to work with a RPi. you should also start with the manufacturer data sheet as your starting point, as that will give you all the information on the capabilities and then you can start on working out how to connect the rpi to it