I created a new updated version of saytime and works well on pitop

I created a new version of saytime… All sound prompts are digitized at 41khz. I updated the code to play wav files instead of the old au files. If I can get a free expansion plate with servos, motors, sensors, and a camera (no robot platform, I have my own) I will contribute it to PiTop OS.

Also I have startup / shutdown sounds working. Pimoroni Unicorn Hat Mini examples… streaming stock ticker, uptime, and other useful stuff.

Hi @jerrynnsr, sounds interesting! Do you have any demo videos/photos you can share? What do you have planned for the expansion plate, servos, motors, sensors and camera?

Hi. I just made and attached a short video. I also attached a photo of the Color E Ink Photoframe I made. I wrote the power/health monitor daemon for the frame to protect the sdcard from data corruption. I’ve been checking the logs for “dirty bit set” , or fsck at bootup. Before I implemented the power monitor, if I didn’t shut the photoframe down before the LiPO ran down I would see an fsck in /var/log/syslog. I’m still testing the daemon. I want to be sure it works 100% of the time.

Here’s a link to the Video:
Here’s a photo of my E Ink Photo Frame:

@jerrynnsr Thanks for the video! Seems you’ve got a bunch of cool projects going on, the plane looks cool!

If you’ve used ROS before maybe you could take a look at my ROS repo for pi-top robotics - it’s still in very early-stage development as it’s mainly a weekend project at the moment, but there’s a basic framework in place - it’s got simulation packages too so can be used even without hardware. I haven’t written a guide for the simulation part yet but it conforms to the standard ROS way of doing things so should be pretty easy to figure out :+1: