I now have four pi-top [3] units

I ordered two from the pi-top.com sale. They took some time so I grabbed a couple from eBay at the same price. Now my units from the sale have arrived.

Two of these will be special builds, maybe three. Waveshare makes those adapter boards for Zeros, Zero 2s and CM4s that turns them into a Pi 3B form-factor. The CM4 is of the most interest, but you can’t get CM4s, still. I have the adapter for Zero 2s (and no Zero 2). I have the adapter for the original Zero on order. That one, in particular looks like a perfect mechanical fit.

I’m dreaming of a very low power (Zero) laptop that would last a long time on battery during a power failure. I don’t even need to run a desktop environment. Just Emacs would do it for me.