I was thinking about making another mistake

So about 2 years ago I bought the Pi-Top 2 for around $200. I got it, I put it together saw a logo on the screen and that was it. After about 15 minutes, I restarted it and got nothing. The screen lights up, but doesn’t show anything. Don’t bother trying to help me troubleshoot, I spent enough time on that thing. I went through months of trying to get this thing to work. There were ZERO threads on this. No RMA, no refund, I was literally left with a $200 piece of green plastic. I think there’s a thread that I started here about that. Well, I’m desperate for a laptop. I have to have one. The Pi-Top has the exact specs I need for work, which is why I bought the first one. Am I making another mistake by spending even more at $300, so a total of $500 spent for a laptop? Is that fair? What’s to become of the first one I bought? Just throw it away? I really don’t know what to do here, since most companies would at least offer to take it back and send me one that works.

@bencooke sorry to hear about the trouble that you had, I hadn’t been as active on the forum last year as I am this year so apologies for not troubleshooting your issue at the time. Let me see what stock we have so we can try and get you a functional one :+1:

@bencooke I’ll send you a private message for some details and let’s see what we can do here

My experience with PiTop is the exact opposite. Yes I have had some issues but I have had excellent service from support… I bought the original piTop and PiTop3, both still being used.daily.
Are you using PiTopOS?

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Thanks @daveawalker, good to know your pi-tops are being used daily! :+1: Out of interest, what do you use them for?

I must be that one customer that had a bad experience. I understand it happens, but it sucks.

thanks for the awesome information.