Is the Robot Kit compatible with any other building system?

I think I need a second Robot Kit, but I’d like to find a cheaper source for plates and rivets, etc. Maybe the other system would also inspire me.

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I bought additional parts from pi-top by emailing customer service, got a quote for parts, selected quantity and type, ordered spares.

If anything, I’ve considered parts not cheaper but rather more industrial to build a heavier duty robot, like vex robotics, where a pi-top with an rpi4 gives you a much more versatile “brain” than the standard vex controller.

You could easily make a frame that mounts the pi-top on a vex robot. The issue is adapting the pi-top electronics to work with the vex motors and actuators as they are scaled to handle the heavier vex parts.

I recently purchased some inexpensive “MECH MOTORS” car kits ($5 USD) kits from a local discount store, where the parts look to be about the same scale as the pi-top parts, but uses screws/nuts (not rivets), and definitely lower quality metal ( )

I would probably resort to using LEGO blocks as the pi-top parts are compatible.