Is there still a way to install pi-topPOLARIS on my pi-top 3

I would like to use pi-topPOLARIS with my pi-top 3 but I can’t seem to find the download. Could someone help me. Thanks

I ran into the same problem so I imaged my old SD card.
I have a couple of old images of POLARIS saved from SD card if you want to try them.

That would be great.

Just to give some information on this-

We are no longer updating Polaris, as we wanted to put all of our software resources behind Sirius and Further. Because we aren’t able to support the old OS, we stopped offering it as a download. We encourage everyone to move to Sirius.

Of course, if you want to use Polaris you are absolutely free to do so- I know a lot of people keep it because of CEED Universe, for example. Just remember that for the time being we aren’t able to support it or update it.

I think it’s still available through PINN NOOBS if you’re willing to set that up? It’s not difficult and there are some very handy videos on YT demonstrating how to go about it, including on USB mass storage devices (rather than μSD cards).