Leo Rover Developer Kit Only $2399

Rather expensive but looked lovely. But is it me or do the wheels look like they have no suspension at all? I am pretty sure you could modify the pitop robotics kit to look similar for A LOT cheaper, would only need some extra pets and a couple extra motors



Rather Expensive, almost cost as much as my first Pickup Truck. It looks pretty cool though, for that price we could use 4 Pi-Top[4]'s (one for each motor) and a fifth for the brains and make it a Pi-Top[4] cluster vehicle. Would look better in Pi-Top[4] Teal Blue.

So Many projects, So Little Time!

@CAProjects Looks pretty cool but also the wheels look like they are bending inwards from the flimsy brackets holding the motors. It appears to not have suspension, but it could have in-wheel suspension rings like the DJI Robomaster (quite ingenious actually, I was quite impressed when I saw it) but it’s hard to see from the pictures