MagicMirror - A Raspberry Pi Smart Display

Hello everyone!

I’m Riz from the pi-top Team and I just wanted to show off a project I’ve been working on, my MagicMirror using an FHD Touchscreen and a Raspberry Pi 3B+. Now I’ll say beforehand, I don’t have any fancy background in hardware or software so this may be quite beginner-friendly. So, I’d recommend this to anyone new out there wondering what the first thing they should do is.

Here’s my MagicMirror, as of now I have it is going through and displaying my images from my Google Photos album. It also has the time, weather and my Google Calendar. It even shows my football teams league standings (clearly not the best time to show off how Arsenal are doing!). I also managed to have a working touchscreen interface where I can turn the screen off/on or toggle out individual modules.

Here’s how I have all the connections set up. I have done this with a Raspberry Pi 4 and it does run better but I’ve done it with a Rasberry Pi 3 just because it’s a cheaper alternative and still works fine.

Now there are tonnes of other things that you can add to your MagicMirror which I will be looking forward to doing. If you’re interested here’s a list of all the modules the community of MagicMirror have created ( Some notable modules are stock prices, Alexa/Google Assistant, Ring doorbell, Spotify, the list goes on. I’ll be posting a blog on how I got my MagicMirror running if anyone’s interested in a guide. I’ll add a link here once I’ve written it.