Milk-V Meles and Mars (RISC-V) experience with pi-top [3]

Raising awareness for the Milk-V Meles and Mars SBCs in the hope that someone gets ahold of one and reports their pi-top [3] experience with them here.

This could be a really great way of getting students involved in the future of RISC-V development!

The JH7110 chip which features on the Milk-V Mars and the StarFive VisionFive 2 and PINE64 Star64 (neither of which is form factor compatible with the pi-top [3] ) will also feature on the upcoming OrangePi RV (which looks like it should be compatible with the pi-top [3].

If anyone’s interested, there’s a limited time offer on the Milk-V Meles with a 128Gb eMMC for $80 on, though it’s the 8Gb model - the 16Gb model doesn’t appear to be available yet.