Minecraft Pi and pi-top OS Bullseye

Hi. I just updated all my RPis (3B) with pi-top OS Bullseye. My RPis are running in pi-topCEEDs. I don’t see Minecraft Pi anywhere. Is it not in the download? Oh no! My internet runs pretty slow on my CEEDs. Will I have to download it to each one now?
Tips? Help?

You are correct- the Raspberry Pi Foundation has removed Minecraft Pi from Bullseye. It is still possible to download Minecraft to the pi. The easiest way I have found is through an app/app store called Pi Apps:

It is possible to configure one SD card and then make a copy of it, which you could do instead of downloading apps to each individual unit. I believe Pi Power Tools (by the same person as Pi Apps) can do it (but I might be misremembering.):

If it were me, I’d definitely just update one card, install MC on it, and then duplicate that card.