Minecraft Pi - Help with inventory

So with kids now home schooling, I am going to let them play mine-craft on the pi-top ceed. I was wondering if you have some good resources on this. Particularly they have asked me how to add new stuff to their inventory (the version in school has more things!! lol)

I do intend to let them try programming some stuff with the python editor creating blocks on the fly etc, but I think I need to draw them in with more stuff!! lol, Is this version still being developed, does it have any limitations?

Hey Dave!

The version of Minecraft on the pi-top OS is the same one you’ll find pre-installed on Raspbian (the default Raspberry Pi OS).

It is a fork of the very early mobile version of Minecraft, and unfortunately hasn’t been updated in several years. It lacks a lot of the modern features, and likely won’t be updated to include them.

I’ve seen articles and videos where people explain how to install the full version, but I’ve not tried it, personally. I tend to think of Minecraft Pi Edition as a more of Minecraft-flavored coding experience and less of a Minecraft experience. (if that makes sense.)