Mirroring my Desktop onto the FHD Display

Hello, I had just gotten my touchscreen/keyboard in the mail today. My plan was to use a Miracast device (basically mirroring my desktop display to the touchscreen so I can access my computer throughout my house (at least as far as the bluetooth would reach)). However, I plugged the HDMI/Wi-Fi dongle of the $30 wireless HDMI adapter I bought online into the touch screen and there was static.
I had plugged my Raspberry Pi into it first, and got the start screen (but I think I half-installed Debian on it a while back so Debian wasn’t technically on the Pi, anyways my point is) which proved to me the touch screen worked, however I plugged my wireless HDMI adapter into the touch screen and got static.
I then proceeded to plug my FireStick into it, which resulted in no picture on the screen (at this point I thought I had received a faulty screen), however I plugged my computer’s HDMI into it, and the picture appeared.

The HDMI dongle has a start up screen when you plug it in to show you how to connect it via WiFi, which worked on my computer monitor but not the touch screen.

I then decided to connect the HDMI adapter to my computer monitor, and right now I am viewing my PC on my touch screen, and am mirroring t on my PC monitor. However, even though it works, it’s the exact opposite of what I want: my touch screen is connected to my PC, which makes the HDMI adapter a glorified screen extender.

My question is: how can I connect my wireless HDMI adapter to my touch screen, so I can then use it as an extended screen of my PC computer? If I plug it into it, I get static instead of the screen I get on any other monitor/TV.

Is it because the FHD Touch Screen has a Display Adapter instead of a straight-out HDMI port? Does that somehow mess it up?

I was under the impression that it would show any HDMI I plug into it. Is it hard wired just for Raspberry Pi’s or something? I wouldn’t think that’s the case because even the website page for it says it can be used for anything, but it doesn’t show things like my Fire TV nor the HDMI dongle screen.

Wireless HDMI Dongle I used: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09C356B3J?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details

If the Display Adapter is the cause? Is it because it’s touch screen? Should I try a more expensive mirroring adapter like Chromecast or something? Is there a better method to connect/mirror my PC screen wirelessly to the FHD touch screen display?

Plz help, I spent a bunch of munny on this assuming it would work. Thanks and God Bless :slight_smile:

HI @JosephCWatkins. Welcome to the Forum.

Hmmm, that is very odd. I’m no engineer but looking at the device you bought, could it be that because it’s 4k input directly into the FHD touchscreen then maybe the touchscreen doesn’t recognise it? Although I’m not sure if the FHD was made like that but you could try to see if it works by connecting a female to male HDMI cable from your device to the FHD screen and see if that works. If that doesn’t then I’ll try to contact someone to see if they know how to help