Mounting solutions for sensors, lights, etc

Any best practices for mounting sensors.

I’m thinking I’ll just design an L-shaped adapter based on your hole pattern (probably starting with what you have on thingiverse) and put the lego interface on one side. But I thought I’d see if anyone has done the work first.

If not I’ll publish what I create.

I’m going to print this and see what happens…

Generally it worked. I need to slightly adjust the lego interface so the fit is tighter…. It’s a little small(maybe my print settings)

But for a quick first pass it worked nicely.

And of course now I found the pieces that you can use to mount sensors…they fell on the floor, but this was a fund exercise LOL

This is great. Can you share the link for this?

Sure - I’ll fix the size on the one piece I built and will publish the link. That said PI-Top did supply an aluminum component to solve this problem, I just didn’t see it, but I’ll share it for sure.

Nice! Yes please do share :+1:

Even though there are mounts for the sensors in the kit, this is really useful if you need more sensors

This is also useful if you just want to attach some random minifigs to your robot (and I do.)

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Makes sense. And I actually really like that idea for the robot I’m building….

I’ve adjusted the model, I’ll run a test print and if it’s snug I’ll publish to thingiverse as a derivative of the pitop content that’s there.

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