Multiboot from usb stick?

I would like to know if it’s possible to boot multible linux distros from a usb stick? I creazed one with yumi [ ] and it’s working pretty well with 32 bit distros on my “old” EeePc 1101HA, though i would like to work with some 64 bit distros like ubuntu studio on the pi top with raspberry 4b 8gb. Is it advisable to boot from an usb stick or should i work with a virtual box or … ? What is your opinion?

Think you need to look at something like berryboot or something which I believe is now usb compatible for raspberry pi.

Or the best performance I’d recommend using a SATA SSD (not a 3D NAND one, had issues with good quality 3D NAND ssd on raspberry pi) using a UASP enclosure for maximum performance

okay, thanks. i think i am going on with the Kingston A400 2.5 Zoll SATA 120GB to try to create a multiboot option.