Need replacement fan

My pi-top 4 needs a replacement fan. The old one has gone very noisy after it has been running for nearly 4 months. I tried dropping a line to support but haven’t had a reply. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement? The spec says it is a 30 x 30mm fan but the one in my pi-top seems more like 35 x 35mm.



Cheap little fans often have sleeve bearings. They start out quieter than ball-bearing fans, but… I would try a drop of Liquid Bearings, or some other high-quality non-vegetable oil, like sewing machine oil. I’ve done it and had it not make much difference on fans that were not very noisy yet. Anyway, it’s something to try. I don’t know how those measurements were made. I always measure the outsided “bounding box” and the diagonal distance, center to center between two screw holes. Usually, you can get that sort of measurements from a distributor like digikey or mouser or RS-something in UK?

Thanks for the advice. Sadly I have tried all the usual places for the fan but it appears rather special. The exit is on one edge for example