Never received order. And cannot post

Ordered a pi-top 3 over 3 weeks ago.
Tried to contact about it
There response was:
Hi …
Thanks for getting in touch with us and considering us. Unfortunately, we’re not interested at this time. If things change then we’ll get in touch

Wow. I was really disappointed.
Hopefully others have much better service.

It finally let me post after tagging on
‘And cannot post’

I received my 2x piTop3’s on sale at £45 each in the UK, I know others have received theirs in Germany. Which country are you in? Have you been charged? DHL shipped mine.

I was charged $45 on July 28. I’m in the USA. No shipping updates

I was in touch with their support and got answers one day later. So, they are responsive (checked the spam folder)?

My shipment took longer then expected which was caused by incorrect customs documents. I’ve received a shipment notification with the DHL Express tracking no (I’m the German guy rpiMike mentioned). Never checked the status on the Pi-Top shop website though.

Unfortunately, they are experiencing great delays in shipping out the pi-top [3]'s due to the number of orders they received and delays in shipping to the US.

They expect to ship out to US customers next month (September) and the rest of the world should be shipped out prior to that.

They apologize for the great delay and any inconvenience this may cause.

The only reply I received was what I posted earlier.
I always check my spam folder and trash.
Lots of mail goes there on gmail.

I’ve received below:

means US orders should ship from their US warehouse. So I don’t understand why lead time for US customers is weeks instead of days (shop website claimed 5 to 7 working days for delivery)

Wow. Well I’m glad you at least got a response. I wish I would have. Just very disappointed here.
Was really excited originally.

Just so you know, I too am in the U.S. and ordered pi-top[3]s through the Summer Sale event and still waiting on shipping of my order.

But my word… it is a delay on electronics, not for life-saving organs or something to really get “very disappointed” about.

I mean, you do you and if this is what gets you “very disappointed”, then I am sorry this minor adjustment in your life is what causes turmoil for you.

They are experiencing delays in shipping out the pi-top [3]'s due to the number of orders they received and delays in shipping to the US. (Some of these delays to the U.S. may be completely out of their control… have you thought that through?)

So this is not the norm for pi-top and they are getting things shipped out as soon as possible. Yes, the website says 5-7 working days, but that’s under normal circumstances. Delays happen. They aren’t delaying the shipment to you just to irritate you. They are human and doing the best they can under current circumstances.

It’s a pi-top[3]… and with everything else people are dealing with in the world… is a pi-top[3] shipping/delivery date honestly something to get “very disappointed” about?

People get so butt hurt about the most ridiculous things.

I hope you feel better now.
I’m only referring to Customer Service.
No matter where you are, there is a such a thing as Good customer service and then there is what I received. Delays are perfectly understandable. Stuff happens. And you are correct that this is not a “life changing” event. It IS very poor customer service. It would’ve been be easy to respond to emails stating various reasons for delay. AND communicating with your customers. That SHOULD be the same all over the world.
A few seconds of concise communications are always acceptable. With always-on world wide communications, this is very easy and not really to much to “expect”.

Have a great day.

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Customer service is sending out emails letting people know that there are delays.
That’s why I shared the information in my first response to your post.

This is the exact message I received on August 10th when I sent email to them asking for an update. If you didn’t get a similar response, maybe ask again.:

"Thanks for getting in touch with us.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing great delays in shipping out the pi-top [3]'s due to the number of orders we received and delays in shipping to the US. We expect to ship out to our US customers next month and the rest of the world should be shipped out over the next week. We have emailed our customers with further details. Apologies for the great delay and any inconvenience this may have caused."

I haven’t heard anything back… Its been over 5 weeks and still no updates or anything. I’m pretty disappointed…

U.S. orders are supposedly shipping out this month. I’m in the U.S. and haven’t received my order as well. However, pi-top customer service states that there were delays for U.S. order.

Should be soon.

I just received the following update from pi-top customer service:

“Our stock is in the UK and is currently being transferred to the US but it usually takes 30 days to arrive. Unfortunately, we faced some delays in this sea freight. I’m sorry this wasn’t made clear at the beginning and if you prefer, we would be more than happy to refund you the total amount of your order.”

The US orders are delayed because of the transfer of freight from the UK to the US. Appears to be likely the US orders will get delivered late September/early October.