New pi-top [4] DIY Edition Challenges

Hi all!

We’ve just added two new challenges to Further specifically made for the pi-top [4] DIY Edition:

  1. Step-by-step video-based DIY Edition assembly instructions - this includes building, burning a new SD card, connecting to a display/VNC and running a basic Hello World program to ensure everything is working correctly.
  2. Using the pi-top [4] Miniscreen with the Giphy API to customize your pi-top [4]'s boot-up animation. Of course, this challenge is compatible with any pi-top [4], not just the DIY Edition - the point is that we wanted some challenges that only use pi-top [4] features (so no additional sensors etc)

We would love any feedback on how to improve these, so if you spot anything be sure to let us know! Also if you have any ideas or requests for other challenges for the pi-top [4] just post them in here too.