New pi top v2 but without heat sink

I just bought a used pi top v2 on ebay. The seller in his wisdom however thought it was not neseseary to include the heat sink. I didn’t realize it would be neseseary for powering the pi.

Honestly I’d prefear a solution without without the heat sink, so I can provide my own solutions. Does anyone have any good suggestions on a cable diy solution to fix these issues?

The connector that joins the hub to the cooling bridge is pretty tiny and would be difficult to DIY it. At a minimum, you’d need power, I2C communication and a board detect pin - not sure if we have the pinout available anywhere but I could get it to you if you think you’ll be able to interface to that small connector. I believe our stock is running extremely low on cooling bridges - can you ask the seller if they have it still?

Apparently the seller does not have one. Is it possible at all to purchase the heat sink from you?

@lastebill1 You can get in touch with and see what they say, last I heard we had very little stock but I’m sure we can add you to a waiting list if there is none available :+1: I’ll also check our Shenzhen office to see if there is any stock over there!