Obstacle Avoidance Challenge - Help and Feedback

Hi all,

We’ve been working very hard on SDK changes recently to enable lots of new Further challenges to be written, we should be releasing new Further content quite regularly from now on. Here’s a new one for anyone to try out, it’s about building an obstacle avoidance robot (much like autonomous vacuum cleaners!).

We’d love any feedback on the challenge, especially if you find any bugs! Make sure to run software updates first as lots has changed under the hood! :+1:

Hey @duwudi,
When logged in & clicking link we receive " Oops, we can’t find this Submission…"

@julianbrooks hmm, can you just go to the challenges homepage and find it there by clicking the robots filter?

Hey @duwudi,

Yes, I can now :blush: :
I did search for ‘obstacle’ yesterday but no results - it’s showing up there now…

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@julianbrooks did you manage to complete the challenge? Any feedback? :slightly_smiling_face: